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Geek Nation Tours: Exploring Trek Sites Tour
Geek Nation Tours: Exploring Trek Sites Tour
July 26, 2016 — August 10, 2016

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Geek Nation Tours 50th Anniversary Exploring Trek Sites: San Francisco, Los Angeles & Las Vegas
With Larry Nemecek 

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Geek Nation Tour’s “Exploring Trek Sites”
will be guest-led by Star Trek guru Larry Nemecek. Participants will be making the pilgrimage to filming sites of The Original Series, The Next Generation and their movies, as well as Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

There is a all-new “Starfleet San Francisco Pre-Tour Extension” adventures to see real-life locations from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; Deep Space Nine and even The Next Generation. The journey will go from San Francisco to Hollywood and surrounding Los Angeles up to Vasquez Rocks, Mojave Desert  and onward to the Valley of Fire. The adventure will culminate with five fun days at the Biggest Star Trek Convention in the World to celebrate the 50th anniversary. The tour will also include some Star Trek celebrities along the way.

This year, the history will come alive at Lucy’s El Adobe Café, right across the street from Paramount Pictures where Gene Roddenberry himself use to frequent — for a special welcome dinner on Friday July 29th with Rod Roddenberry to learn about his father’s legacy.

Come have an adventure with Geek Nation Tours and meet new friends and forever treasure loads of unique memories from your mission … along with the odd Romulan ale or two. You can join Geek Nation Tours for the main tour… the pre-extension and the main tour… or just the pre-extension…it’s going to be more fun than a bag of Tribbles at a Klingon Rite of Ascension ritual!

Please note, attendance of special guests and celebrities is subject to change due to scheduling conflicts and professional obligations.


Spok_tshirtPRE TOUR – “Starfleet San Francisco Pre-Tour Extension
Tuesday, July 26th – Friday July 29th

MAIN TOUR – Exploring Trek Sites: Hollywood to Vegas with Larry Nemecek
Friday, July 29th  – Tuesday, August 3rd

STAR TREK CONVENTION – Creation Entertainment’s 15th annual Las Vegas official Star Trek Convention
Wednesday, August 3rd – Monday, August 8th

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