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We are always looking for a volunteer “Blogapher” to document our adventures, both above and below the water.  As a thank you, you will receive a Roddenberry Adventures t-shirt.

The position is only open to Roddenberry Adventures Members.  It entails taking photos (above and below the sea on dive adventures) documenting our adventures and then writing a summary encapsulating the event. We will post the photos and event summary/briefing on the Roddenberry Adventures website under past events and will give full credit to that event Blogapher. See below for an example of a previous Roddenberry Dive Team Mission Log to see what the Blogapher post should look like for a Roddenberry Adventures Event.

Photos should include the name of the event, the date of the event, the location of the event (aquarium, facility, dive vessel, trip), special guests, photos of endemic species as well as photos of the participants. Photos and summary are needed one week after the dive to be posted in a Roddenberry Adventures newsletter and our website. NOTE: we need both top-side and underwater photos of dive trips and adventures.

The Blogapher spot is givien to the first person who submits the form below requesting the “Adventures Blogapher” position and the adventure they want to document. You must apply separately for each event you want to document so that everyone gets an opportunity.

Thank you! We are excited to have you join us for one of our adventures.


Sample Event Blog

Date: July 17th | Time: 8am | Description: A 3-tank dive off Long Beach (2 dives at an oil rig, 1 dive at a reef/kelp bed, dinner the night before)

The Mission Crew

Stardate -312539.32 (aka July 16, 2011 at 7 pm)
Description: Shore Leave 

Many of us were on shore leave at McKenna’s, enjoying dinner and avoiding Carmageddon in the spaceport of Lost Angels. First Officer ,“Rod” Roddenberry, joined us and we all had a wonderful time. But the morning hours were coming fast and we had a special mission to investigate: rumors of an alien spaceship landing in the waters off Long Beach.

Stardate -312540.81 (aka July 17, 2011 at 8 am) 
Description: Oil Rig and Wreck Dive 

The First Officer,“Rod” Roddenberry, got the crew together and we all loaded our scuba gear onto the SunDiver Express. We thought that Captain Kyaa would give us a normal Ops briefing but to our surprise we were told that this mission included some extra risks: not only was there the rumored alien spaceship disguised as an oil rig, but there was a Great White sentry patrolling the waters around the area. 

There was a lot of excitement and finally the decision was made to take on the mission, but if the sentry was seen the mission would be scrubbed.

Stardate -312541.09 (aka July 17, 2011 at 10:30 am)
Description: Ace I 

On our way to our mission we were intercepted by the keepers of the deep blue sea, blue whales. We were instructed that we had a detour first. We needed to free a fish hoop basket from the Ace I. We changed course and headed to the Ace I, a 1948 “Landing Craft Infantry” wreck off San Pedro / Long Beach. Upon reaching our destination we were given a quick warning by the local dolphins that there was quite a current. 

First Officer,“Rod” Roddenberry was sent in to make sure it was safe enough to get to the anchor line and that visibility was reasonable enough. Captain Kyaa decided to put out a “tag” line from the bow to the stern to make it easier to get to the anchor line. A few team members stayed on deck to assist with any topside tasks required. 

Teams entered the water and headed to the bow and on down. They circumnavigated the vessel to make sure there was just the one fish pot to be removed. One team member took a very good photo of it for the Captain, who by the way did an excellent job of laying the anchor on it so that it was naturally removed from the wreck.

Stardate -312541.26 (aka July 17, 2011 at Noon)
Description: Eureka 

The only structures we could find in the waters, just off the coast of Long Beach, were three oil platforms. Was it possible that one of them was actually an alien spacecraft? 

We were given our mission briefing to swim close to the platform and to descend within visual contact of the structure. Since this was a covert mission we did not tie off to the structure, instead it was a live drop. Also, because of the nature of the mission we all had to have safety sausages, whistles, reflective mirrors, etc. 

We separated into small dive teams to explore the structure and report back our findings. We were not to engage the life forms we might find there, just observe and photograph. 

Immediately upon descent we found several species of alien life forms seeming to come and check us out and then to wander away. Were they remotely collecting information on our presence? 

We separated and partially penetrated the structures looking for proof that it was an alien spacecraft. Photographs and video were taken. First Officer,“Rod” Roddenberry had a close encounter with some of these creatures, but all encounters seemed to be peaceful. 

Finally deciding that there was no threat, and having accomplished our missing of observing and photographing the structure and its inhabitants, we reluctantly returned to the surface. This area is in open ocean currents and can be tricky getting back to the surface and safely back to the mission vessel, the SunDiver Express. 

My buddy and I surfaced near the structure as instructed, but the vessel was around the corner on the other side and on the opposite side to that was another vessel. Had we made a mistake and come up in the wrong place? My buddy is a stronger swimmer than I am and he was soon at the corner. We signaled to the dive boat that we were okay and ready to be picked up. Our vessel was quickly on the way to pick us up but not before picking up another diver. So, when we were part way to the boat, we were instructed to wait. Soon the boat crew signaled for us to swim towards the boat. Shortly after, my buddy was handing me a “tag” line with a ball and the boat crew was helping us move rapidly towards the boat and away from the oil rigs. We helped too, by kicking as they pulled. For me, it was pretty tricky getting back on the boat because I have a very large camera system, but the deck crew was amazing and my camera and I were finally safely on board. 

We all made it back on safely and no one reported finding an alien spaceship but almost everyone got pictures of some kind, and maybe some of them are alien life forms. 

It was an excellent day and we had a lot of fun and we had many amazing inner-space experiences with possibly alien aquatic entities. 

Live Long and Prosper, 

— Barbara Lloyd, Stella Luna Productions





Barbara Lloyd

Barbara Lloyd

Barbara Lloyd became a certified diver in 2001 she and soon thereafter took a digital camera underwater where she began her undersea filming career as an underwater naturalist. 

Barbara has been a volunteer research diver since 2004 for organizations such as San Diego Coastkeeper, San Diego Oceans Foundation, REEF, and Reef Check California.  In 2010 she became an AAUS science diver and now dives for the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

Her interest as an underwater naturalist is to bring to life the undersea world; to share its beauty and essence; and to help educate children and adults on the richness and value of this amazing undersea world.

Barbara Lloyd
Cinematographer & Producer
Stella Luna Productions